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  • Collateral Management Services
    • Hold custody of the pledged stocks on behalf of client Banks.
    • Determine suitability of Storage space and Assess the Quantity & Quality of commodity.
    • Monitor proper storage, safety & quality of the stocks in custody.
    • Continuous presence to supervise all transactions.
    • Reporting on the stocks periodically basis customers need.
  • Maiia Warehousing Services
    • Identification & leasing warehouses.
    • Following good storage practicing.
    • Maintaining weight & quality.
    • Ensuring safety of stocks through monitoring & sufficient insurance cover.
  • Stock Monitoring Services
    • Determine suitability of storage conditions.
    •  Need based attendance for transaction supervision.
    • Keep regular check on Quality of product stored.
    • Transaction based reports on the stocks as per Customer requirement.

  • Inspection, Testing & Certification Services
    • Conduct stock audits and quality assessment on assignment basis.
    • Carry out Physical Verification and Sampling.
    • Quality testing through own / identified independent Labs.
    • Submit customized Audit Report to client on important observations.
  • Logistic Services
    •  Vessel agency, Stevedoring, customs broking, & transportation.
    •  Storage at Free Trade Warehousing Zones, customs bonded warehouses, non bonded warehouses or stockyards.
    • Enable control over commodity on behalf of financers.
    • Conditional release of stock.

General Terms and Conditions

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