Kazakhstan will reduce wheat supply to the world market

Hellnic Shipping News |Oct 05, 2017 The new grain season 2017/18 started in Kazakhstan in September. Below UkrAgroConsult will sum up the past season 2016/17 and discuss once again prospects for the new grain season. So, as UkrAgroConsult predicted, grain exports from Kazakhstan did hit a five-year high in MY 2016/17. Kazakhstan supplied 7.9 MMT [...]

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Cotton market showing signs of pressure: CAI

Financial Express |Oct 05,2017 The cotton market is beginning to show signs of pressure, top officials of the Cotton Association of India (CAI) said. According to Nayan Mirani, its outgoing president, there is going to be a lot of cotton the world over.“Cotton prices are likely to witness a depressing trend. The supply situation will [...]

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Telangana fears Cotton price crash as production climbs

Commodityonline |Oct 05,2017 Telangana's Cotton production is expected to touch 2.8 million metric tonnes in 2017-18, a 13.36% higher than the production of 2.47 million metric tonnes in the previous year, said a senior official from the agriculture department.For the first time since Telangana’s formation, the area of Cotton cultivation in 2017-18 touched nearly 1.9 [...]

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India likely to double import duty of Wheat

Commodity Online |Oct 05,2017 The government is likely to increase import duty on Wheat to 20-25 per cent from 10% to curb cheap shipments and give positive price signal to farmers who will start sowing winter crop after the Diwali festival, an official source said.In March, the government had imposed 10% import duty on Wheat [...]

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With Jaggery in demand, mills launch hunt for canes

Commodityonline |Oct 05,2017 Taking into account of sharp increase in demand for Jaggery last year, manufactures are ready for a purchase battle with Sugar mills on purchase of Sugar cane.Jaggery makers usually start their operations in September with this early variety, which offers lower yield than the matured type. Crushing of this type of cane [...]

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Global cues lift soya

The Hindu Businessline |Oct 05,2017 Improved global cues and scattered physical demand lifted oil prices marginally with soya refined quoted at ₹660-62 for 10 kg, while soya solvent ruled at ₹625-30 for 10 kg. Palm oil gained higher at ₹648, while cotton oil ruled at ₹610-12. Groundnut oil ruled stable at ₹870-900. Amid increased arrival, [...]

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Higher incomes, health concerns make sunflower oil flavour of season

The Hindu Businessline |Oct 05,2017 Driven by higher disposable incomes and increased health consciousness, edible oil consumers in India are increasingly turning towards sunflower oil, which has witnessed an increase in consumption by about five-fold rise over the past 15 years.Data compiled by the Solvent Extractors’ Association of India (SEA) noted a steady rise in [...]

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Yellow peas need procurement ramp-up, not an import levy, which may boomerang

The Hindu Businessline |Oct 05,2017 The domestic pulse market is agog with reports that the government is considering levying an import duty on pulses, especially yellow peas, in order to lift indigenous pulse prices, most of which are ruling below the minimum support price. Any such fiscal move would be ill-advised and counter-productive. Without doubt, [...]

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