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Commodity sector in India comprise of its vast agricultural produce as well as the good mineral reserves. Both of these form large segments of the Country’s trade & commerce and require efficient supply-chain logistics.

The Government of India is well poised in its efforts to double Farm income by 2022, through modernization of agricultural warehousing and unification of agri markets, backed by the Financial supports as well as IT enablements.

Finance availability to the small & marginal farmers as well as small traders will be a vital catalyst in continual improvement of India’s agri-economy, with the increased outlays by the Government as well as Banking and Financial institutions.

The inception of MAIIA was conceptualized to serve this need with an objective of ‘Service Excellence’  in Collateral Management, Warehousing Management and Logistics services, both for soft as well as hard Commodities.

India is one of the fastest developing nation with agriculture sector contributing about 14 % to the countries GDP. The Government is committed to developing the agricultural economy by way of Agri-financing. Banking supports like Priority Sector lending have a major share for agricultural sector, and include lending to the small farmers, as well as indirect lending through traders and to corporate entities who are engaged in processing of agricultural commodities.

Recent study  estimated the annual agricultural produce to be around INR 12000 bn (2014).
To cope up with seasonal disparities a large part of produce will require carry over apart from stabilization by way of Exports & Imports.
A mere 5% of carry over stocks would have a fund-support requirement potential to the tune of INR 500 bn.
Such huge financial involvements in agri stocks will require efficient Commodity management and Infrastructural support as well as loss prevention efforts.
This renders huge scope for reliable & competent Collateral Management and professional Stock Management service providers.
It was with this in focus that MAIIA was incepted in 2010, and has now evolved into a well known and one of the most reliable Commodity Management Services Company.

The agriculture sector occupies centre-stage in our resolve to promote inclusive growth, enhance rural incomes and sustain food security. To spur the growth in this sector, the Government intends to follow a four-pronged strategy covering (a) agricultural production; (b) reduction in wastage of produce; (c) credit support to farmers; and (d) a thrust to the food processing sector.

“I propose to provide further capital to strengthen the RRBs so that they have adequate capital base to support increased lending to the rural economy. The growth potential for this business activity in view of the emphasis of the government is vast and is poised to scale up exponentially over the years.)”

Shri. Pranab Mukherjee
As Finance Minister, Year 2010